Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Bronze Ten Kei for 2013

As I have been sat here twiddling my thumbs looking out at the snow and wishing that the two Polar Bears playing on the lawn would clear off. It dawned on me that because of the Noelanders Trophy, my thoughts for the last few days had been occupied by the trip and I had not updated you on some of the new arrivals and some new items I will have for sale.

For Spring 2013 I will have some new solid bronze Ten Kei (Ten Pei) for sale on my website. Some of the new designs I am really excited about as there is currently nothing like them.
Three in particular will be wonderful to display with bonsai or suiseki and I present them here for you first. They are all limited to an edition of 150 pieces. As usual click on any image to enlarge.

This first one is a Pine branch with cones. It is 11 cms. Price £80. 

The second is an Oak branch with acorns. 6.5 cms. £80.

The third is a Horse Chestnut branch with a conker just split open. 9.0 cms £80.

I think you will agree that these bronzes are a really wonderful addition and I am sure they will sell out very quickly. If anyone would like to reserve one, please email me and I will add you to my list.

Although I have three bronze Kingfishers available already on my site, I have decided to add these two new editions as well. The quality speaks for themselves and they are by the magician Michael Simpson.

Here is the first one. A simple sculpture, an edition of 150. 7.4 cms  £110. Obviously this one used for bonsai display gives direction to the right, so a tree or suiseki would be on the left of the bronze.

The second Kingfisher bronze could only be displayed with a large tree or very large stone. I ordered one for myself immediately.
An edition of  only 50 pieces. 23 cms and weighing 750 gms. £495.

This sculpture is obviously directional when used for display. But also it is a seasonal bronze, by that I mean the sculpture is suggesting the season or time of the year. From the image depicted of the pair of Kingfishers 'food passing' we know that they are courting. So we are looking at January February time. Ideal for the Noelanders Trophy or Swindon Winter Image shows which occur in Jan and Feb.
Imagine a nice Weeping Willow out of leaf and the Kingfishers, suggesting a nice quiet stream or river setting.
For me this is such a beautiful sculpture on it's own that I have bought it as a stand alone piece, which I can use for display should I wish in the future.

I will also be adding two new bronze miniatures to the lineup. Although not limited editions, the miniatures are very popular for displaying with shohin or mame bonsai and with shohin suiseki. From my sales, the Wren has been without  doubt the best sellar. I am sure you all know it.
Here it is.

The first new miniature is a Blue Tit. Price £48.

And the second miniature is a Red Squirrel. Price £35.

I think you will agree that these wonderful miniatures would enhance any display.

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