Thursday, 24 January 2013

And the snow keeps coming.

Well the snow has not let up since I got back from Belgium, and the temperature is low.
 -13C was forecast for rural areas last night, but thank goodness it only went down to -4C.
Last time, I posted some images of some of the new bronzes I will soon have in stock.
Today I thought I would share with you a couple of display stands that I bought just before going away last week.
I have to admit I was not sure whether or not to buy them because I had the idea in the back of my mind that I would treat myself to a stand or maybe two from my friend Christophe Roggeman from Lebbeke, Belgium while at the Noelanders Trophy. But these stands were a good price, especially for Japanese imports and they were in front of me ready to go. On the other hand I did not know what Christophe would have for sale in Belgium. As it turned out I made the right move because this year Christophe did not have a stand at the Noelanders Trophy, for the first time in ten years. How does that saying go; "A bird in the hand ..........."
For those of you not familiar with Christophe, he is CHR Furniture. A very talented and easy going  guy who has turned the skills he employs at work in his daily job, into producing something for his hobby of bonsai, which is fantastic as we all benefit.
Anyway, back to the Japanese tables.

Here is the first Japanese table that I bought. It is a cascade stand, nicely made with simple lines and it will be a welcome addition to my inventory of stands or as someone once called my 'table library'??
I think I know what he meant!

This is the second stand that I bought. Again of simple lines but with nice dowel work to the face of the table on all four sides.

The top of the table has exquisite grain and this photo below does not do it justice. Please click the image for a close up.

I am very pleased with this new table and as a professional, I can never have enough display stands. And I must admit it is an area where I am not rich. I only have (I think ) 21 or 22 stands and this is no where near enough in number. But I am working on it and slowly building up a nice collection both for my own use in the first instance. But also for students or clients to use if they need, it's just my way of trying to give a complete service.

I have taken a picture today of the Scots Pine that I did a first styling on before going to Belgium. It is far from finished and a long way from the finished image I have in my head. But this is only the first styling and I am in no rush. With future re wiring, I can fine tune the design and bring the outline of the tree in closer to the centre line on both sides, but especially on the left side. But for now I am happy with how the tree is going. I will be making a box to support it in the Spring.

This is the tree before I started.

And after the first styling.

If you compare this styling to the two pine stylings on my blog entry "An easy post", you will see that the tree does not look as finished as those two pines. I think this is a good thing to show people because all trees are different and it is not always possible to get a good level of 'finish' on a tree the first time. And if you follow my work, you will know that if it is possible I will always get a high level of 'finish' on my trees even with the first styling. So the lesson here is 'everything at the right time, and work with the tree'.

And to finish, here is one of the new trees not yet on my site, a nice Mugo Pine which should give someone a really nice bonsai in the future.

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